… once knew.
J.K. McDowell

The shaman walks through the briar with ease, not a
Snag or a scratch. Today, I bought a new sweater
And I am fresh out of adhesive bandages.

Libations – dust drinks down the moist offering.
Dreams float unconcerned with the pull of the earth.
Can intension focus the eyes that turn away?

No Free Spot and this Bingo Card is in Ogham!
We want a prize when things line up, when we should be
Following the dark stranger with the crooked walk.

The end of our friendship? True, true, I dreamed of
Your funeral but that is no excuse not to
Return my calls. Oh this indiscrete disclosure.

What if Castaneda never left the library?
The Otherworld still exists and holds you close.
Wisdom always shines through the fallibility.

The morning sunlight is quiet on the cliff rock.
Soul embraces you tight. Jim, listen deep to the
Music under the silence, the song you once knew.