… a different poem.

By J. K. McDowell

October 2011


The horrors “From Beyond” are never easy to face.

Temptations and terrors bleed into each other

And will not blend.   Separate but equal never works.


The Dance, what Mystery!  This is the seeing that

Makes the eyes bleed.  Eternities evaporate

As you slice the skin from the well-practiced floor craft.


The absinthe paints an “Unnamable” seduction.

As the 13th hour approaches, I witness

The betwixt and between bleed through the veil.


Wounds bleed sap and the rot spreads.  We both know my friend

You would not survive the next storm.   A lily grows

Where you used to stand.  The axes had to come.


The remedy, exsanguination – the Darkness!

The rubies of the Soul bleed across the cursed forest floor.

They are my guide and sustenance as I seek You.


From Beyond?  Jim, tell me about the horrors

From Within.   Fears bleed underneath the attraction.

Sorry, I forgot, that is a different poem.