… always hold.

By J. K. McDowell

December 2011


Anise and fennel blooms toward a lucid dreaming.

The equations are written clearly – still the

Solution is obscured. Something is missing.


Another calendar year tramples over

Shattered dreams.  Why do you collect the shards

Instead of going back to the clay and the wheel?


Desert flowers answer the call of the nighttime sky.

The cliff face glyphs catch the flicker of the fire.

Poetry chases the sparks and cinders star-ward.


Leylines?  I am looking for the Spiral within.

That churning energy that spins you, pulls in tight

And sweeps outward over the Soul’s hidden landscape.


Please, the thoughts today have been needlessly sharp.

My eyes close, tired of points and counterpoints.

This change in vision brings us no closer to home.


An undated love letter from more than a

Decade ago.  Today the same devotion,

Unshaken – lives challenged Jim, but those ties always hold.