…  move forward.

By J. K. McDowell

March 2012


Delirium forced me overboard and

Jonah’s whale saved me.  Before that I was trapped

Between the strata of personal laments.  It’s natural.


Where is this Dream? The trust is lost.  I cannot close

My eyes.  And who can claim to know the trends as we

Shuffle tyrants for personal expression.


I called Hemingway a complex son of a –

She politely added, well aren’t most artists?

A personal opinion of others is a good mirror.


I meet the eye of this great whale.  The look of

Personal recognition surprises us.

The Silver Bank waters are calm and clear.   I am both.


Thrashing about, digging for personal treasure?

We are already buried alive.   Shift to a

Soft, subtle rise to the surface, float in quicksand.


We were once the same Jim.  Falling, Rising, Living.

Each succession the Soul Trail becomes clearer.

Do not let the personal hold you back, move forward.