This poem appears in “Night, Mystery & Light” published by Hiraeth Press.  Possibly a fitting reflection on this Black Friday.  Blessings and Gratitude  -=-=- JKM.



… many colors

By J. K. McDowell

November 2010


The flames capture your deep looking and hold fast to

What was once just a glance of the soul.   My advice:

Do not turn away.  Others will avoid the window.


The stars suggest flexibility and grace.

The healing is over, why do the cast and the

Crutch remain?  Does this street of suffering suit you?


She is the ghost that haunts your remembering.

I need to be more than a phantom memory,

Rather an eerie tingling chill, a stolen caress.


I suppose the whole thing is rather unsettling.

A confined balance of panic and pain.

I wonder, is a change of address in the future?


I notice a dragon in the Conure’s sneer.

Surprised, I peer closer, she has never breathed

Fire before but somehow my eyebrows are singed.


The dark half of the year has hatched, J. K.

In time, we fall back to refuge, reminded

That black friday comes in so many colors.