… of living.

By J. K. McDowell

December 2012


Gypsy cello – Spanish guitar – tonight deep art.

The Duende takes the floor and my gaze is always

Just a moment behind her razor sharp dance steps.


Closing time approaches.  My Muse is washing

Glasses behind the bar.  Sips of bitter, sour

Emotions sustain the silent conversation.


Who put my dreams on consignment?  My Angel is

In the back cleaning up.  There is the seeing and

The seen – the buying and the bought – it’s a good night.


I know there is always darkness before the day.

We demand “light” everlasting to shine on our

Faces and deny the Shadow – to our peril.


The triskelion spins and cuts these knotted,

Superficial ties.  Now I can fall faster in sweet

Acceptance.  Do not worry, I am not alone.


On the most normal of mornings, be inspired.

Let the beauty flow through you, ignore the tears.

To touch the Soul is the fear and the art of living.