… to justice

By J. K. McDowell

February 2012


“We hold these truths to be self-evident…” – you know

The words.  Still tyranny is insidious and

Ever present.   Whims of abuse crisscross the world.


How often are we just sitting in the dark,

Trusting that the beams from the projector room show some

Shape of the Light?  And others, are just asleep.


Did you notice her?  Did you see them drag her away?

Was your afternoon at the movies ruined?

Oh, you spectators of History in the making.


I can imagine Miss Viola behind those

Iron bars and I am reminded of Thoreau

And of St John of the Cross.  Her spirit ablaze.


For those ahead of their time, the present can be

Such a disappointing affair.  We all stand on

Her courage and glimpse a future rich in freedom.


More than a half-century later, a free pardon

And an apology.  We celebrate Liberty by

Retracing those miles on the long road to justice.