This poem appears in “Night, Mystery & Light” published by Hiraeth Press.  The poem was written on March 21, 2003 as a wedding anniversary gift to Paula, my beautiful wife.  This is one of the most personal poems in the collection and maybe one of the most powerful.  I have read it a few times in the last decade, even at public poetry readings to balance some of the darker works.  As I read it again tonight as part of this posting I am amazed at the honesty and sustained truthfulness.  There is a phrase from Coleman Barks’ Rumi = “when grapes turn to wine, they’re wanting this.”  Today is “this” =  26 years of “… this dream made real.”  Good Night.

. . . made real.
I know poetry for this event is not new
And yet feelings a drift become focused in this
Lens of love, remembrance and hope for the future.
Sixteen, a small number against eternity
Yet the strength of our union was forged before
The tick tock of time and will be everlasting.
I know Emerson was right and all things begin
As a thought and I thank God I held the notion
Of a wedding in March and my life with you love.
You know the celebrations of breaching whales were
Close by on our honeymoon. It was a sight and
Sound to be enjoyed a dozen years later.
Of the future I only have one claim, loving you
And God’s blessing of that love in return makes the
Ring complete against all uncertainty and chaos.
While an annual anniversary is the custom
Marking of time, I praise, declare and confess our
Love with every breath and cherish this dream made real.