“… this is.”


By J. K. McDowell


This is Night. The Moon conducts a silent chorus
Of angelic voices. Darkness has a certain
Glow, a true presence that should not be ignored.

The light of Her flame dances across the wall.
I remember that mystic water on my forehead,
The blessings swirling about, around, then through me.

Yes, I am still learning the ways of ritual –
The sense of patience and timing and season,
Now lost in the treachery of modern existence.

Praise. This overcast sky is a blessing. Few things
Last long in harsh sunlight. Now, this midday, calm and
Restful, reflect on the change that approaches here.

Too often, we curse the darkness with our eyes closed.
Oh Friend, be brave, look to that single candle flame
And realize you are peering into a mirror.

You keep telling people, Jim, “Paths entwined in
The Beauty of the Soul always cross again.”
Honestly, you have no clue as to how true this is.



Appears in “Night Mystery & Light” published by Hiraeth Press copyright 2011.