… the mirrors

By J. K. McDowell

December 2013

We practice the ways apart and the ways together.

Have we found the reverence and gratitude there?

The rough edges sooth to a new imperfect gift.

Fingertips scented with fresh rosemary, wrapped

The fine china teacup.  Lavender eye shadow,

Matching ascot – she was taken seriously.

You should be held by eyes that are already

Rich with seeing.  Avoid those greedy glances,

Leering and hungry.  Some artists steal, the wrong things.

I carefully watched the knife as she shared

A slice of her cake but I wanted to taste her

Madness, the dark flames, the fertile realms of her soul.

There is a lost reflection, a moment of

Brilliance purloined by faux shiny things.

Altered intensions in some other reality.

Jim, let’s stay together here, apart from false desire.

Holy waters of a hot bath; the steam praises

The heavens and dismisses all the mirrors.