… and waiting.

By J. K. McDowell

May 2014


What do you hope to learn during this interview?

Will you record and report truthfully,

All, even of your failures? Are you ready to begin?


Sometimes there are no words for your joy and no words

For my sorrow. I am the pillow trapped between

Othello and Desdemona – no wonder I can’t sleep.


I know you, Son of a Dark Stranger. Do not

Deny that you are a student of The Moor.

Calligraphy, alchemy and the blade, expose your ways.


Begin at the Jamaa el Fna. A headless spirit

Will lead you through the maze of the Marrakesh souks.

Find me, I am waiting under the Yellow Sign.


“Fulfillment.” “Closure.” These headlines sell advertising.

This puzzle is your design, ever-changing and eternal.

No solution, only the ever-engaging play. Never stop.


James you wander the empty; modern and ancient.

A walk-about abandoned, unsustainable creative sprints,

Dismissed as insubstantial, yet real and hungry and waiting.