… no hazard.

By J. K. McDowell

June 2014


Al Zahr was my friend and an old geomancer

Who preferred casting lots to lines in the sand.

The signs, seen or unseen, you must face your hazard.


Unresolved to this day, Edison and Tesla

Debated the nature of electrons, yet agreed

That poetry was a dangerous hazard.


Nib, ink and parchment help conspire sweet revenge.

Each course, as sumptuous as the invitation.

Then the last: death or desert. Which will you hazard?


A long challenging round of billiards ends.

Hours of well chalked cues and striking precision.

A lightning clean carom was the winning hazard.


I am finding the wonders and terrors of living.

Certain doubts fill an uncertain reality.

Raise your glass, a toast to blessing and hazard.


Despite our horror, each new year feeds the juggernaut.

The gemstones of the Soul pass undigested.

James, keep gathering these jewels, there is no hazard.