… was lonely.

By J. K. McDowell

October 2014


The whirlwind was lonely. What was the explanation

For the attraction? At the swirling center

I could see the future breaking loose of the chains.


I threw fire into the whirlwind, spinning flames

And heat burning away the things I did not need.

What other elements could satisfy as fuel?


I kicked sand into the whirlwind, the motion

And grit polishing the rough edges I did not need.

What other failings could serve as payment?


I poured water into the whirlwind, the refreshing

Splashes washing away the fears I did not need.

What other talents could satisfy as a gift?


I whispered love poems into the whirlwind.

Then came a stripping of the words I did not need.

Now the Soul could hear my silent spiral song.


James, you know the truth. At the swirling center,

You could see the greying blur – shredded angel wings

And broken demon claws. The whirlwind was lonely.