… everything.

By J. K. McDowell

December 2014


What is there to tell? Seeing through the veils to the

Other world – indescribable, best forgotten.

I confess to you, I do not know everything.


These fragile realities separated by

Seemingly impenetrable membranes of

Multiplicity. How do you describe everything?


Friends and acquaintances and unmentionables

Strolling the streets of London. In one night, to

Touch, to sight, to sample, to scratch – everything.


Séance – the ghost seated to my left has a message

For you.   “Take off your mask.” Eternal recurrence,

And yet again, everything repeats, everything.


So many unfinished things calling to us.

Turmoil in the imagination and the heart bleeds.

Even the poet cannot capture everything.


James K., you told the sidhe wolf that you were learning

To burn differently. In faery light you will be

Faced with a new darkness in everything.