… yes and go.

By J. K. McDowell

January 2015


Yes, I feel the unease, the speed increasing.

We are on a slingshot orbit and keep missing

The moment of release. Are you ready to go?


Yes, ignore the walking corpses and their many

Uninspired callings. I am tracing footprints

Left by your imagination. Why did you go?


Yes, most times a poem is so easy to lose.

The shrieking surrounds us, yet a safer place alludes

The crowd. No one knows whether to stay or go.


Yes, I lost track of the days – a much needed retreat.

Bygone times? No, I do not miss their waspish

Affections. I am not sorry to see them go.


Yes, night flurries and the possession fails for now.

The long coat and the bowler hat assume their roles.

Soft tracks in the snow await, it is time to go.


Yes, last night while you slept the universe ended.

At dawn, you cannot count the many things reborn.

James, now there are just two things left, say yes and go.