… future awaits.

By J. K. McDowell

February 2015


Short of a horrifying miracle, she was

Frugal with her criticism as if we were

Sipping scorpion venom and not absinthe straight.


And the diagnosis: the heat beats true but too fast.

The odds of spontaneous combustion increase.

I look past the misfired round in the 45.


I know Vallejo worried this morning coffee

Was meant for someone else. When is a blessing

A missed chance of thievery? I need a refill.


You are here now, this is not counterfeit currency.

You are the paint bomb flash blast of pigments that

Even the most ardent phantom cannot evade.


Evidence of blood sport left on the bathroom wall.

The moscito lingered too long after enjoying

The off season buffet. Deadly tastes abound.


James, the path to immolation is not hastened

By a wonderful whirlwind. The burning is slow

And complete. A fabulous future awaits.