… the challenge.

By J. K. McDowell

March 2015

Is life toil in alternating darkness and

Fluorescence? I would be interested in saving

Daylight if we did not also destroy the night.

I dreamt that my arrogance burned in the fires of

A distant star and my soul bathed in that light.

More heat than illumination was the complaint.

The white gesso flows thick over the abstract

Adventure. Attempts at form and folly, color

And catastrophe. These choices create a painting.

Demons of unknown monikers hide within all

Your qwerty blurts and auto correct missteps.

A digital thread of grave disregard and trespass.

So many tastes forgotten.   Memories avalanche

The emotions of a bland and blended life.

Come bury me in those spiced times, seasonings past.

Move past a morning of fear and projections.

Call the crew to climb the masts, our sails can catch new winds.

Always, James, the change drives the change, meets the challenge.