… never miss.

By J. K. McDowell

June 2015

Nostalgic reflection often as sensuous

As lipstick kisses on steam coated mirror glass.

Look at me, please just confess, what else do you miss?

Gents often blame the equipment. The rifling

Makes the bullet spin on target. They would not call

Her a marksman but that Annie, she did not miss.

A strange attractor, alone in the coffee shop.

The phase space is complicated to navigate.

At the table – “tell me, is it Mrs. or Miss?”

The grand uncertainty of slash, burn, splash and whirl.

We all failed Keats and lament the trip to Rome.

All flow to the opposite, some things are hit or miss.

Is there any advice that might have helped?

Here is something they often leave out. When you are

On the right path, the wall is impossible to miss.

Are we playing Three Card Monte James? So who is

The mark: the reader, the poem or the poet?

Just use the bent corner – that is a trick I never miss.