… be unimaginable.

By J. K. McDowell

August 2015

There are gliding curves that remind me of your kindness.

The crossings are meaningful, serene collisions.

Scarlet scribblings fade in the tears of blank spaces.

At times in a softly shaded red-gold brilliance,

Blended souls lie indistinct in the thin grass

Under the great and low arms of this massive oak.

In these moments of profound joy step out of

Beingness into the thin places between worlds.

Membranes of pure music sustaining silent doorways.

We are lost across lifetimes striving in perfect

Failure to realize that so much is in our grasp

If we just open our hearts and share our gifts.

We know cleverness can take you only so far.

Of course death reminds us that love is eternal.

Awe and bewilderment are written on our bones.

Every moment James, you can stir the spirit to find

A new vantage point and discover a vista

That would otherwise be unimaginable.