… Not at an End.

By J. K. McDowell

January 2017


No worries, I am here with you in this darkness.

Open your eyes and see what I see in the brightness

Of your own heart. Vision spirals anew and beyond.


Illusions abound, veils and curtains shift unseen.

Some dreams melt away; others sift in a soft breeze

Or in the whisper of a lover. Moonlight helps.


The Tyger and The Beloved know the horrors

Are asymmetric. Yet the answers to most

Of the rhyming questions the poet asks are still “yes.”


Did you see the Moon tonight? What if the answer

Is “no”? What if the answer is “no, never”?

You really are lost, aren’t you? Not sure what else to say.


You realize too late her eyes are two arsenic

Mirrors. Chemistry confuses alchemy and

Death confuses Love. There is that moment James.


The night is dark, an air painted pinot noir.

The wine glass is empty, so few drops of kindness.

Two Oh One Seven? No, the world is Not at an End.