I write for the pleasure of my friends and my own sanity.

You will find the poems here a mix of natural imagery, contemplations of the soul in light of our modern human condition as well as the dread and joy of seeking the true self.

For the past four years I have been writing about one poem a month.  The enclosed poems are selected from those labors.  I currently write in an adapted ghazal form pioneered by Robert Bly.  These particular ghazals are six stanzas long, and each stanza is also a stand-alone poem.  A stanza is composed of 36 syllables, usually three lines of 12 syllables each.  The ghazal requires that each stanza leap to a new topic.  Some of the poems may repeat a phrase across each stanza or end each stanza with the same word as form of rhythm.  Most of my poems depart from this formal ghazal requirement.  The last stanza can be reserved to address the poet by name providing some air of tension, reflection, or resolution.  You will find that this is often the case in my work.  I also use the last two or three words of the poem as the title of the poem as the true topic of a ghazal is never directly stated.