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A Great Friend = Frank Owen

“There is poetry. Then there is poetry with insight; the kind that opens up luminous doors within the reader. NIGHT, MYSTERY & LIGHT is poetry of the door-flinging variety. Through an ongoing holy conversation with soul, and an ever-deepening glance at the nuanced details of the life always happening within and around us, J.K. McDowell’s words help us to sweep away the cobwebs of tired perception and see the world anew. This is poetry that prepares the heart-mind to become an awake sky worthy of sunsets and sunrises.” ~ Frank Owen | Bodhiyatra Poetry

So much gratitude flows through me as I read these words again. This endorsement appears on the back cover of “Night, Mystery & Light” published by Hiraeth Press. Frank has been a powerful inspiration for both me and my friends at Hiraeth. Blessings Wrapped in Night, Mystery & Light. Good Night Friends.

“The Dance, what Mystery!  This is the seeing that
Makes the eyes bleed. Eternities evaporate
As you slice the skin from the well-practiced floor craft.”

This stanza was the fuel for the fire of the poem this month.  As the work took shape, the stanza’s true and rightful place was as the second stanza in the full poem.  More to come.


Poetry: The stops and starts…

May 2011 has been crazy on oh so many fronts = here the month is nearly at a close and not a complete new poem to publish here on the Night, Mystery and Light Blog.  There are lots and lots of notes, scraps and the like but nothing to share (yet).  I am looking at my Blog Categories and noticed I have a “Prior Art” category for just such occasions.  I am also going to add a new category “Fellow Poets” for links to the Poetry Blogs of my poetic colleagues whose support is so important. More soon = Blessings: Night, Mystery and Light -=-=- J. K. McDowell.


More from March’s 3rd poem

Here is another stanza from what hopefully will be the 3rd poem in March:


“You cannot understand all the spaces of

Unseen beauty, the threads that touch everything and

Restore our ruins to their intended grandeur.”


Just a few more edits and polish = could take the weekend.


Enjoy -=-=- J. K. McDowell


Here is a stanza from what will probably be the third poem for March.


“We ask “why” too often, as if somehow knowledge

Of links beyond our grasp would ease the disturbed

Tendencies of distrust and bring us any peace.”


This one is swimming with four others and all are looking for the six…


Blessing: Night, Mystery and Light -=-=- J. K. McDowell


Works in progress

February was a short and busy month.  Even with four work in progress pieces, the passing days caught me short of my monthly poem goal.  This stanza saw its final edits as a Facebook status post Thursday night:

“The absinth was spiked with naga jolokia.
I sip calmly, her moist lips whisper – “I want burning”
And here I thought it was only the poem.”
— J. K. McDowell.

later I commented on fb:

“I was working on four poems in February and none could converge to closure before the 28th.  This stanza got rewritten in this fb post to a very pleasing completion.  The whole poem was attempting to use Rumi/Barks quotes throughout = we shall see where that goes >>>”


March is going to be a very good month for poetry.


Welcome to the Poetry of J.K. McDowell

Night, Mystery and Light will feature works in progress, monthly poems and poems written prior to the creation of this Blog.