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A Great Friend = Frank Owen

“There is poetry. Then there is poetry with insight; the kind that opens up luminous doors within the reader. NIGHT, MYSTERY & LIGHT is poetry of the door-flinging variety. Through an ongoing holy conversation with soul, and an ever-deepening glance at the nuanced details of the life always happening within and around us, J.K. McDowell’s words help us to sweep away the cobwebs of tired perception and see the world anew. This is poetry that prepares the heart-mind to become an awake sky worthy of sunsets and sunrises.” ~ Frank Owen | Bodhiyatra Poetry

So much gratitude flows through me as I read these words again. This endorsement appears on the back cover of “Night, Mystery & Light” published by Hiraeth Press. Frank has been a powerful inspiration for both me and my friends at Hiraeth. Blessings Wrapped in Night, Mystery & Light. Good Night Friends.


Readers of Night, Mystery and Light, I wanted to guide you to another Fellow Poet = Jamie K. Reaser and her Poetry Blog “Talking Waters” at = Please visit her Blog and visit her publisher Hiraeth Press at = Blessings and Enjoy.